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Maintenance Advice

Doors and Windows

3 Times a year spray WD40 into the locks and hinges. This will keep them working smoothly and enhance the life of the locks


Any glass cleaner is suitable to clean the windows

Lead Work on Windows

When just installed and exposed to the rain, you will find white staining to the lead. This is the oxidisation process and it is quite normal. When the process is complete, the lead will go a darker grey and then will not happen anymore

Heavy Rain

After very heavy rain you might find water laying in the bottom of your door and windows frames. This is normal and will drain away through the drainage holes in the bottom of your frame!

Cleaning UPVC Frames

Wash with washing up liquid and if you have stubborn marks we can supply a UPVC cleaner for a small cost. Never use anything without consulting us first as you may damage the surface of the frames


To make sure the door is draught free, engage the multi-lock for a tighterfit

And finally what the glass manufacturers say

Due to the enhanced thermal properties of a double-glazed unit comprising a low-E glass, the outer pane of glass does not get warmed by heat escaping from inside the building through the glass.

This results in the outer pane being kept cooler in comparison to a less thermally efficient insulating unit. Certain climatic conditions or high humidity levels, without rain can lead to the formation of condensation on the external surface of the outer pane.

It is also possible that due to shelter from nearby trees or buildings, external condensation will appear on some windows but not others. This phenomenon is due to localised atmospheric conditions and is in no way an indication of a defective unit. Indeed this can be seen as a positive indication of performance.